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Golf Lessons @ Stonebrooke


The Gary Botkin Golf Academy

Gary Botkin, Class A Member & PGA Head Professional

My goal is to work together to create a plan that will result in you enjoying and learning the game of golf. It all starts with the basic fundamentals, grip, aim, stance, and posture in developing a consistent golf swing.  

The average golfer's needs and physical abilities are likely to be the opposite of a tour player's. The typical amateur needs more clubhead speed and needs to draw the ball. The average golfer needs to swing the club rhythmically, allowing the clubface to rotate open on the backswing and closed through impact, thereby creating extra clubhead speed. This golfer needs to train the body to react to the club--instead of overcontrolling it--and move more adeptly with the feet and legs, keeping the hands and arms relaxed so the club swings freely.